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  • TS báo chí. Đỗ Chí Nghĩa
  • Năm sinh: 1944 Học vị:  Tiến sỹ     Năm đạt học vị: 1986 Chức danh nghiên cứu: Nghiên cứu viên chính Chức vụ: Phó Trưởng phòng. Cục Kỹ thuật Nghiệp vụ - Bộ Công an Địa chỉ nhà riêng: Số 13 Phố Đông Tác, Phường Kim Liên, Quận Đống Đa Địa chỉ nhà riêng: Số 13 Phố Đông Tác, Phường Kim Liên, Quận Đống Đa Email:
  • TS. Ao Thu Hoài
Chủ đề biển đảo
Sách 1000 năm Thăng Long - Hà Nội
Thang Long - Hanoi Publications with typical color of Information and Communications Industry

Together with publishing activities to celebrate 1000 years of Thang Long – Hanoi, Information and Communications Publishing House presented a collection of books celebrating 1000 year – old Thang Long – Hanoi. There are 10 edited bilingual books in English – Vietnamese in order to help readers have the comprehensive and specific view about every aspect of a historical place through small books including Hanoi Famous Landscape, Hanoi Delicious Dishes, Activities of Hani Folk Arts, Hanoi Festivals, Hanoi Famous People, Hanoi Fine Arts, Hanoi Architectural Works, Schools in ancient Hanoi, Hanoi Cultural and Historical Relics and Hanoi Handicraft Trade Villages.  


Besides, readers can read other books: “1000 years of Thang Long - Hanoi:  Culture and Language” and “1000 year old Thang Long – Hanoi Cultural and Historical Characters”. Particularly, Information and Communications Publishing House collaborated with Vietnam Stamp Association edited and published the book “Thang Long – Hanoi on Stamp Post”. The book includes six parts: the Dawn of Thang Long – Hanoi; Thang Long – Hanoi Culture and Education; Thang Long – Hanoi Architecture; Thang Long – Hanoi Magnanimous Foreign Aggression Fighting; Hanoi with President Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi builds, develops and integrates. Through the stamps, the authors covered every side of culture and history of Thang Long – Hanoi in the long history from Thanh Giong period, Hai Ba Trung period to the modern time integrating and developing.  In addition, the book spends one part to write about President Ho Chi Minh inside Hanoi Capital.  


Minister of Information and Communications Le Doan Hop wrote the introduction for the book “The book Thang Long – Hanoi on stamp post was presented in the event to celebrate the great festival day 1000 years of Thang Long – Hanoi. The stamp post draws a diverse and colorful picture about history, culture, and society of Thang Long – Hanoi”.

According to Mr. Vu Van Ty, vice-president of the Vietnam Stamp Association and also the representative of the editor staff of the book, the outstanding features, which make this publication special among a sea of publications published in the festival celebrating 1000 years Thang Long – Hanoi is that the Vietnam Stamp Association told and drew again the history of the country totally by stamps.


Ms. Nguyen Thu Ha, Director of the Information and Communications Publishing House said that right from 2009, the Information and Communications Publishing House began to implement this collection of books. 2 years are not a long time, particularly to such a specializing publishing house as the Information and Communications Publishing House. Therefore, it had to try its best and gave priority in terms of time and efforts to finish the collection of 13 books. This collection has diverse content, good printing quality, unique design, and has their own branch’s feature. This will absolutely be a valuable present for those who fell in love with this historical place. The unique feature of this collection is its diversity and system. This collection will bring the readers a comprehensive view about the aspects of Thang Long – Hanoi, from history, culture, education, economy to language, food. Especially, the book “Thang Long – Hanoi on Stamp Post” of the Vietnam Stamp Association is a typical publication of the Industry.